Welcome to American Freedom Corp.


Who are we? ..... We are a group of Americans who love our heritage and want to help others understand the truely wonder principles our founding framers gave us. We at American Freedom Corp. have chosen to help  inspire the American people to appreciate the freedoms they have and how they, as citizens, can protect their rights and freedoms for future generations.  This can only happen when people have a through knowledge of our system of government. We believe in free markets and believe that we can serve all of the American people by supporting the integration and adoption of technologies that promote American freedoms and peace.

We aim to help reawaken the American people to their good fortune and to explore the adoption of new technologies that, enhance, preserve, protect our freedoms and serve humanity. We believe in the possibilities Americans have to build a secure future for their families and loved ones, when they embrace their freedoms and the American Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Our core business offer is simple. When you buy American Freedom Corp. products, you will enable us to promote American freedom, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. We will market products that have value to liberty minded subscribers and to anyone interested in peace, self-reliance and independence.

PS. Please, if you like what we are doing …vote with your pocket book and purchase our current products offered on our websites. Thank you for your business. Live Free Shop for great products here.  Live Free. 

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