Welcome to American Freedom Corp.


American Freedom Corp is dedicated to the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the ideas laid down by America’s Founding Framers. The American peoples experiment in freedom, that so many have laid their lives down in protecting, needs support from the people of America. Many problems in our society and the world in large can be solved with the proper and thought out application of technology that reduces dependence while supporting and protecting freedom and liberty. Some technologies increase dependency by humanity for their basic necessities, on weak and fragile systems. As we move into the future, we must break the bonds of dependence and promote freedom again around the world.¬†For the most part, our current technical choices in the real-world encourage dependence. The more dependent you are for your basic necessities, the more enslaved you are. We at American Freedom Corp. believe that the proper application of freedom-technologies can increase freedom in America and worldwide. We are firm in our commitment to help America in the re-birth, re-connection and re-engineering of America, as envisioned by our founders, by the American people.